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Beating sexual stress:
Counselling program for men who suffer premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) is the most common male sexual problem and affects between 25-30% of men of all ages. You may have already tried medication, an alternative treatment or other methods but without real solutions. You are not alone and you are not a failure, because many techniques promise that PE is easy to cure within a short time frame. In reality, this is rarely the case.

There are a number of techniques which help men overcome PE. Some of these methods are based on control (physical, mental or emotional control), some are couple based (for instance, improving co-operation and communication to build the relationship which, in turn, improves intimacy and your PE), some are based on sex education (such as, theory about body functions and sexual techniques).

These approaches are beneficial because they address the various elements which contribute to PE and many men find them useful, however, there are some men for whom the above methods do not work. Why? One reason could be that there is a perceived separation from the body and therefore also the body sensations. You may experience parts of your body in failure mode and this creates distance, frustration and disappointment. You may even watch your body as an observer and stop being the participator.

Counselling and body centered mindfulness help build conscious awareness of the body. Instead of imposing restrictions and control, mindfulness allows you to stay in contact with the present moment. This generates the experience of feelings, such as sensitivity, sensuality and confidence which improves your PE. You will also learn to regulate specific emotions allowing you to stay more body-centred and calm.

In most cases of PE, there is nothing physically wrong, you just need to learn more about your feelings in a supportive and non-judgmental environment while dealing with the anxieties and frustrations which have built up over time.

Program details

The treatment is a ten-session body awareness program designed for men with PE for whom other methods have not worked and for men who have tried other approaches but with limited improvement. The program also includes one couple session to help address issues with your partner and to provide extra relationship support.

The program aims to help men by:

  • Reducing anxiety and stress by learning to regulate emotions
  • Connecting to a broad spectrum of feelings which are already latent inside the body
  • Creating body awareness
  • Addressing difficulties you experience as a couple
  • Pre-empting unrealistic expectations in sexuality
  • Relapse prevention strategies

Participants receive:

  • An assessment of your PE during the first appointment. You will find out in the first consultation if this program is suited for you.
  • Ten 90 minute sessions (15 hours in total)
  • Evaluation after each block of 5 sessions

Medicare rebates may apply for part or the whole counselling program.

For further information or to make a booking please contact me on 0425 218 022 or email andrea@andreahaas.com