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Couple Therapy

I provide a mixed style of individual sessions and couple therapy for couples who are experiencing periods of relationship difficulties due to sexual problems.

The therapy begins with individual appointments for each person. I like to hear each side of the story. Usually, people find it helpful to debrief and talk in a confidential setting about anything without worry what their partner might think. The first sessions allow me to get to know each party in depth and you will begin to understand all the factors that have contributed to the current situation. A strong individual focus on yourself in the beginning allows you to be in the driver's seat. The action of change is placed on you rather than on your partner. Moreover, separate sessions help to clarify the directions what each partner can do to work through the issues.

Depending on each couple situation, I will liaise with you and find out what your individual and couple needs are and then further sessions are structured accordingly. We may decide to continue with individual or couple sessions, or with a mix of both. Sometimes only one person decides to continue with the therapy.

As you begin to repair the relationship by communicating your needs more effectively, you will notice that instead of disagreeing or fighting with each other you begin to trust more. You will learn to repair the relationship and see the positive effects of building bridges. Gradually, instead of functioning side by side, you will seek each other out more to do things together. More than anything, you will work on establishing opening and closeness, because emotional bonding forms the basis for meaningful sexual interactions.