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Medicare information

I am a registered psychologist and Medicare provider. If you experience a sexual difficulty or other mental health problem, you are able to claim a portion of the fees of consultations from Medicare (up to 10 sessions).

You need to first make an appointment with your GP. Your medical practitioner can either prepare a simple referral or provide you with a Mental Health Care Treatment Plan for the particular mental health condition (i.e. sexual difficulty) you are suffering from.

You may give the name & details of the psychologist you wish to see to your GP.

You need to bring your doctor's referral and/or your Mental Health Treatment Plan to the first session with the psychologist to be able to claim the rebate of $84.80.

If you have any questions about obtaining a referral from your GP please email me on andrea@andreahaas.com or call me on 0425 218 022.

Private health fund claims

If you have private health insurance, your may be able to claim part of the fee for your appointment with a psychologist, but please check with your fund first, as this depends on the type of cover.

Please note that you can only claim from one provider, either Medicare or your private health fund, BUT not from both.