Holistic Health Solutions, Suite 54, Chatswood Village, 47 Neridah St, Chatswood NSW 2067, 0425 218 022

Booking information

When are appointments available?

I see clients on Wednesdays 12-8pm, Fridays 10-8pm & Saturdays 9-5pm.

What is the duration of a session?

Each appointment goes for 90 minutes.

How many appointments do I need?

The number of appointments is difficult to forecast, because it depends on the severity and the nature of the problem you are dealing with. People are uniquely individual, have diverse life experiences and are at different developmental stages. A therapy process that is tailored and adjusted to your individual needs is likely to achieve results quicker. Taking these considerations into account, some clients will resolve their issues in a short amount of sessions, while other clients chose to engage in therapy long-term.

What is the frequency of sessions?

Most clients have weekly or fortnightly appointments.

Do you do phone counselling or internet skype sessions?

Unfortunately, I do not offer phone or skype sessions.

For clients who live outside Sydney, interstate or come from overseas, sessions are offered in block format, usually, a series of appointments over a number of days to give maximum impact.